Terms & Conditions

NOTE: We recommend that you carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions as set out below, as these terms will take full effect upon the receipt of Customer quotation approval.

  1. Roof Makeover Specialist agrees to complete the work set out overleaf/quote/work order.
  2. Once quote is accepted, the quote is a fixed agreed price for work to be carried out and will not be negotiable at the completion of works. The work will be clearly stated on the quote. This is to let both parties know of the work entered into. If the scope of works is not on the quote, then it is not going to be carried out. Unfortunately, we do not work on hearsay; he said, she said. In the event of a variation to the quoted scope of works for unforeseen reasons, the customer will be notified as soon as possible.
  3. The balance of the Quotation/Contract price is strictly to be paid on the day of the repair/restoration work is completed. Payments can be by cheque/cash or Bank Transfer.
  4. The customer agrees to supply electrical power and water as reasonably required by Roof Makeover Specialist.
  5. All power and water charges incurred in relation to the work will be borne by the customer.
  6. Cancellation of work by Customer will result in the forfeit of any deposit money paid subject to the expiry of any cooling off period (if applicable), including materials/supplies ordered and work up to date.
  7. Roof Makeover Specialist will not be held responsible for any delays caused by weather/illness or other conditions.
  8. Roof Makeover Specialist reserves the right to cancel this contract due to any unforeseen circumstances at the absolute discretion of Roof Makeover Specialist
  9. Roof Makeover Specialist reserves the right to refuse to carry out work contracted for any reason whatsoever.
  10. No responsibility can be taken, under any circumstances, for damage to any vehicles parked on, or adjoining the premises. The Customer acknowledges any such vehicles are to be removed by themselves prior to any work being commenced. Neighbours should be notified of any roof work being carried out.
  11. No responsibility can be taken, under any circumstances, for damage caused to Patios, Gazebos, Shade Cloths or Roofs during the restoration process where the structure is found to be unsound or skillion roof without adequate fall. If Shade Cloth needs to be moved to complete work, this is the owner’s responsibility and risk.
  12. Roof Makeover Specialist takes no responsibility for tile clips that are found to be faulty and is not liable for any damage as a result of a faulty tile clips. Due to age, some roof tiles are discontinued and are not available to purchase new by Roof Makeover Specialist. Quality inspected 2nd hand tiles sourced for the job carry a 3 month warranty from the supplier.
  13. No responsibility can be taken under any circumstances if rust returns. Treating rusty screws or sheets is a rust treatment. This is prevention not a cure.
  14. No responsibility can be taken, under any circumstances, for damage to guttering during the restoration /cleaning process, where gutters have been found to be rusty or weathered from age.
  15. Roof Makeover Specialist does not accept responsibility and is not liable for leaks and damage or any associated costs resulting from storms, extreme weather, or acts of God.
  16. Due to age and deterioration any damage to the roof/surface/other fixtures during cleaning is not the responsibility of Roof Makeover Specialist
  17. Roof Makeover Specialist hereby guarantees the products used on all roof restoration services for a period of 10 years.
    • Colour/sealer will not peel, fade or dramatically change in colour over the 10-year period
    • Flexible pointing will not peel or crack over the 10 year period ( Hairline cracks will appear)
    • 6 Months* no leak warranty on a leak repair job ( for the area we have been hired and notified to fix only)
  18. After the cleaning process the true condition of the tile/colorbond tin is revealed. Due to age, deterioration and sun damage some roof surfaces are compromised/weathered resulting in a variation in texture which can determine the look of the finished painted roof. For example; if
    the existing tiles are extremely pouris/grainy this can affect the way the finish paint job can look compared to a newer tile with a smoother finish to it. Some roofs display irregularity in the finished painted look by way of a duller flat or uneven/patchy satin finish. The final finish can only be determined by the type of tile you have on the roof and we cannot be accountable for the type of tile surface you have which can affect the finish look. Different light can affect the finished look ie sun.
  19. Paint Colour/Flexi Colour: The paint/flexi-point colour will not be exactly as they appear online or  the colour chart due to monitor resolution/colour chart paper etc.
  20. Prior painted roofs. After the cleaning process the true condition of the tile/tin is revealed. Some paint might be removed during the cleaning process and some paint may remain on the roof. This determines the look of the finished painted roof. Some roofs display irregularity in the
    finished painted look by way of a duller flat or uneven/patchy satin finish due to the prior painted surface.
  21. Any warranty does not apply to any product which has been subject to misuse, neglect, accident or alteration by the Customer or any other person or thing whether authorised or unauthorised.
  22. Roof Makeover Specialist Warranty covers leaks for a time period of 6 months from the time of completing the Roof Restoration/repair works. After which a Call out Fee of $175.00 will apply together with any costs associated with the purchase and/or supply of materials necessary to
    rectify the cause of reported leak/s. Where it has been determined that the cause of a leak is from pre-existing cause/s and non-related to the restoration/repairs process, all costs, will be borne by the Customer.
  23. Roof Makeover Specialist Warranty does not warrant against mould growth. Mould spores are impossible to contain or eliminate due to their minute size. Regular maintenance by qualified trades persons post restoration should include the roof being cleaned with tap water pressure &
    rinsed with a broom every 12months to remove bird droppings, reduce lichen and dirt on the roof surfaces and noses of the tiles, as an ongoing maintenance and prevention method for mould growth or build-up of oxidisation.
  24. Any warranty is subject to the quote and the manufacturer’s guidelines and conditions.
  25. These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with any warranty provided by Roof Makeover Specialist
  26. Due to circumstances out of Roof Makeover Specialist control, if roof has no sarking, or damaged sarking, water penetration may occur during the cleaning process or acts of God.
  27. Roof Makeover Specialist will not be liable for failure of previous coatings including rust prevention coatings and 3rd party flexi point.
  28. The customer agrees that they or any other unauthorised person will not climb on to the roof or be in the work area while work is under progress or use Roof Makeover Specialist ladder or equipment while work is in progress. Roof Makeover Specialist will not be liable for you or any other person to walk on the roof that may cause any damage as this voids any warranty.
  29. Roof Makeover Specialist reserves the right to charge interest calculated daily at 10%pa on overdue payments.
  30. If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be invalid, void, illegal or unenforceable the validity, existence, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected, prejudiced or impaired.
  31. These terms and conditions and any contract to which they apply may be changed from time to time and shall be governed by the laws of Victoria
  32. Prices quoted for all products/services are subject to variation by Roof Makeover Specialist. Further prices may be amended by Roof Makeover Specialist if a significant error of fact can be shown in the original quotation.
  33. If you choose to cancel or modify your quote we require minimum 2 week notice via email. There is no cancellation fee at this point, After 2 weeks, you will be billed for all costs incurred until this point, including:
    • ordering of materials
    • hiring of and supping of equipment
    • labour costs
  34. Client’s obligation For landlord; agents etc to identify hazards to the supervisor or roofers on site For example:
    • Hazardous chemical on site
    • Electrical and plumbing service problems
    • Asbestos
    • Other work scheduled at the same time

    To notify other parties that maybe affected by the work carried out on your property. For example:

    • neighbours
    • tenants etc

    To remove cars, motorbikes, etc from the access point to your property to allow access for the tradesmen to carry out work to your property. This will also safe guard your property from damaged from pressure cleaning and spray machines. Roof Makeover Specialist is not responsible for damages to property if property has not been removed or covered. If our staffs are unable to carry out work due to being unable access the work site due to lock out or cars blocking driveway etc, you may occur a labor charge due to delay.

  35. To notify Roof Makeover Specialist of site changes that have changed since the time of quoting. For example: Other work has been carried on your roof (solar panels etc) Other parties have been on the roof that may have caused broken tiles etc
  36. Payment for work
    The price quoted and agreed on will be paid in full on completion of work without deductions unless agreed upon in writing. You cannot hold payment or payment for complaints or issues. It is important to notify us within 7 days via phone call or email and we will formulate remedies to solve issues.
  37. During the washing stage, there will be a lot of dirt that comes down from the roof, so please ensure cars/clothes/anything valuable is either covered or moved away from the roof to avoid getting dirty. The owner/landlord/agent is also responsible to letting the neighbours close to your house know of this.
  38. If you have a water tank – this will need to be closed off during the washing stage to avoid getting dirt in it.
  39. If you have existing leaks, please ensure this is shown to the roofers on site before we start. Occasionally some water can come inside through * air vents/skylights areas/flutes etc during the washing stage – Roof Makeover Specialist will take all pre-caution to ensure water doesn’t get in however we cannot take any responsibility for any water that gets inside/causes any stains – as it’s outside our control and a risk the home owner has to take to perform this job.
  40. If gutters are already full of dirt, this could cause blockages – we will wash as much as we can away from downpipe, however we don’t use vacuums so cannot expect this to be thoroughly cleaned. *unless this is part of the quote to use vacuums*
  41. If gutters/fascia/anything close to the roof is freshly painted – the dirt from the washing stage could stain this a little bit. We will wash this off as much as we can – but it would be unrealistic to make it look brand new.
  42. Solar panels/pool panel sheets on roof – we wash/paint around this. If the panels are too close to the edge of the roof and there is no safe access to walk at the bottom row to wash/paint the bottom row – we will not be able to do this especially in the double storey section.
  43. If the quote includes repointing, – if they already have weep-holes on the top ridge, we will apply weep holes as well. If they don’t, we will not be able to put a weep holes unless we are re-bedding the whole section. We will repoint the collars of the ridge for added strength without the weep holes.
  44. Our aim is to ensure all the pointing work is as smooth as possible and to make it look nice however this is based on the existing bedding condion of your roof – if they are sticking out a bit then this will also effect the way the pointing will look.

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