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Looking for roof restoration Melbourne cost as your roof doesn’t look like it is in a good shape? Looking to replace your entire roof with the help of a professional roof restoration company to give your roof a new life by restoring it? No need to worry as we are a professional roof restoration company in Melbourne with an experience of more than 15 years in roof restoration industry and have served hundreds of customers all over Melbourne. Try out our affordable roof restoration in Melbourne as we offer:

  • Roof Restorations starting from just $1800 (conditions apply)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 15 plus years of experience in roof restoration industry
  • Fully Insured
  • High-Quality Products
  • Housing Industry Association Member
  • WOMO Service Award Winner
  • Colorbond Roof Restoration
  • Tile Roof Restoration
  • Terracotta Roof Restoration
  • Cement Roof Restoration etc


We have a professional team of roof restoration experts to provide you with top quality full roof restoration services in Melbourne. Roofs take a heavy toll due to the weather extremities. This can cause the roofs to wear out and look old. Professional Roof restoration service brings your roof back to life while saving you the cost of replacement. Initially serving for roof restoration in Melbourne’s western suburbs like Werribee, Hoppers crossing, Sydenham, now we cover the entire city area of Melbourne.



roof restoration melbourne


Roof Restoration Melbourne Cost is what you want to know? Get to know about it below here

How much will a roof restoration Melbourne cost me? This is a very common question we get asked before we even come to do a roof inspection of the roof. Truth is there is no set amount for a roof restoration project, as every roof is different, and there are many variables which affect the cost of roof restoration Melbourne. Some of the common aspects that determine the roof restoration cost are:

  • Size of the roof that needs to be restored.
  • How many ridges are there on your roof?
  • What is the condition of the ridges or mortar that are there on your roof?
  • How many broken tiles are there on your roof?
  • Are there gables on your roof?
  • Are the valleys of your house roof rusted?
  • Is it a single or double storey house?
  • What kind of roof tiles you have; cement tiles, terracotta, colorbond?
  • How old the roof is and so on.

Melbourne’s Roof Restoration Price Guide for Roof Restoration Cost idea

The rate of a roof restoration Melbourne ranges from $22/m2 to around $38/m2.

To put simply, an average roof restoration service in Melbourne, Victoria (standard 3 bedrooms) can cost anywhere from $2500.00 – $5000.00+.

You might have seen a lot of road signs around that says roof painting from $1500.00 this is simply not possible without cutting corners (doing jobs quicker than they should) and by using cheap dodgy materials (watering down paint).

At Roof Makeover Specialist, we keep our expenses for roof restoration to a bare minimum, we don’t have sales staff on commission, big TV advertisements etc which means we can pass those savings onto our customers. We believe, we offer a very competitive and fair roof restoration price for the excellent service that we provide.

I can only talk about what we do at Roof Makeover Specialist, our roof restoration team takes pride in each and every roof restoration job that we undertake, we don’t have roof restoration contractors, we have full-time roofers who have been with us for a long time and experienced in doing Roof Restoration in Melbourne for many years. We use high-quality Australian materials that are made specifically for roofing and we give you a 10 Year warranty to back this up.


Full Roof Restoration Melbourne process explained


Leaking Roof Repairs: We have to do all the necessary repairs on the roof before we can paint. This is the most important section when it comes to total roof restoration, because if this is not done properly – you are prone to let water inside and cause damage to your house. In an average house, we will need to replace all major broken tiles, rebed any section that requires it (loose mortar) and repoint all ridge caps with Flexible pointing compound.

Roof Pressure Cleaning: Most important Prep work, when it comes to painting your roof. If this is not done thoroughly the paint will peel off. An average roof takes between 4-6 hours to wash – if the roofer you hire is done with washing in 1-2 hours you know they have cut corners. We use pressures in excess of 3000psi to clean your roof properly.

Roof Painting: This is the final section of Melbourne’s roof restoration process. We have to use a good quality sealer or primer before applying 2x coats of top coat roof paint. This is a highly skilled task that comes with years of experience to do it properly. We would also have to mask up things like solar panels etc to avoid any possible overspray. Painting day has to be perfect, we cannot paint on days that are too windy (will cause overspray) or high chances of rain, so after we are done with the repairs and washing stage, we would have to wait for an ideal painting day to come back and finish the job, and being Melbourne this can sometimes take few days!

Roof Restoration is not a project you do every few years – if done properly and thoroughly, you do it once and don’t have to think about it for the next 10-15 years!

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional roof restoration company in Melbourne to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur or cheap roof restoration experts” – this saying is very true especially in the roof restoration industry – We are not some weekend roofer or someone looking to make a quick buck by doing a quick dodgy job –  We don’t compete with cowboys who decorate lamp posts with “Dirt Cheap Offer”. We use real tradesmen, add value to your home at extremely competitive rates with Australian products that last long.

It all comes down 2 things: quality of the tradesmen that are doing your job and the quality of the materials that are being used.

Preparation is the key to success: this is just as true for painting your roof – if the roof is prepped thoroughly the job will last for a very long time if the job was done by cutting corners and dodgy materials it will last about 6-8 months before the paint starts peeling off.


Our Total Roof Restoration Services in Melbourne can heal your roof

  • The life of your roof will be extended by several years after the roof restoration is completed.
  • Our service of roof restoration in Melbourne will ensure that your roof eliminates any point of leakages and gives the ideal protection to your home.
  • The discolouration caused due to Sunlight and water damage will be done away with. Once we are done, your roof will look as good as new.
  • Our roof restoration service in Melbourne ensures that you save thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been lost in the replacement of the roof.

We follow a thorough process when it comes to full roof restoration in Melbourne. Our roof restoration experts properly analyze and inspect the roof, estimating the extent of damage and the type of repair work to be done. Once we have an estimate, we proceed with our work of restoring your roof. This makes sure that we do not encounter any surprises during our work. Our roofing experts take the burden of focusing on the details and avoiding any mistakes so that you can sit back and relax.


What makes us the Best Roof Restoration Company in Melbourne?


There are many roof restoration companies which claim to offer the best roof restoration services, but you need to be careful before hiring a roof restoration company for roof restoration Melbourne. It is essential to perform a proper check and do your homework before you proceed to hire a company for the task of roof restoration services in Melbourne. You must do a check so as to decide how much true the company is to its claims. When you need the best services no one other than Roof Makeover Specialist can offer the best roof restoration price in Melbourne. There are many reasons which make us the roof restoration leader:

  • We possess years of experience in providing roof restoration services to the people of Melbourne. We have been working in the field of roof renovation for many years and know what all it takes to give the best roof restoration experience to our Melbourne customers
  • We use the best in class tools and equipment to offer the best quality roof restoration services in Melbourne, which last and are durable.
  • We at Roof Makeover Specialists have a team of roofing experts who have proper training and possess the skills to make your roof restoration conducted in a proper way.

We always have recommendations for our clients to help them get the value for their money. We make sure that you get value for each penny you spend for total roof restoration in Melbourne.

Why choose us for Roof Restoration Melbourne? 

  • The roof restoration cost in Melbourne charged by us is highly affordable. You will not get an expert service like ours at a cost lower than what we charge, anywhere else in the Melbourne city. Our roof restoration in Melbourne price is the best you could ask for.
  • We provide total roof restoration in Melbourne. We will take care of all damages that have been incurred on your roof. Be it a leakage or a worn-out paint mark – our service packages make sure that our experts take care of it all.
  • Our service men are the most experienced and reliable roof restoration specialist in Melbourne city. Our roof restoration in western Melbourne is highly sought after and our existing clients for our services in roof restoration in westerns suburbs of Melbourne consider us their favourite.
  • We strive for perfection, and we settle for nothing less than that. Our work is not finished until your roof looks as good as new. Our Melbourne roof restoration expert team will not leave your doorstep until we are satisfied with our work on your roof.
  • We use the best paints and cleaners for your roof. Our roof restoration at Melbourne makes sure that your roof gets a proper rejuvenation. Once we are done restoring your roof, you can expect an increased lifetime of the roof by at least a decade. We also provide just roof painting services in Melbourne.

We offer the best Roof Restoration cost/price in Melbourne

  • Roof inspection – We offer roof inspection in Melbourne to detect the services you may need and the attention your roof needs. We cover everything in roof inspection, from finding the leaks and defects to detecting the course of actions needed to restore your roof at the most affordable costs.
  • Roof cleaning – A dirty roof does not just ruin the look of the house, but it also deteriorates the tile condition which leads to damages and need for repair in the future. We make sure to pay attention to this area which many others avoid to make sure you do not pay heavy costs in the long run.
  • Element protection – We at Roof Makeover Specialists also offer element protection services to help your roof be healthy.

If you are pissed off with the constant repairs, leaks or noises of the roof, we can help you with leaking roof repairs in Melbourne. We at Roof Makeover Specialist can improve the impression of your house which is being ruined by an unsightly roof. We are an experienced and leading roof specialist and use the best quality materials to make sure that our total roof restoration Melbourne services that we offer is always the best. We make all the first impressions of your house count with the best in class modern roofing that accentuates the look of your house and makes it look more like a place you dream of.


Want to hire Roof Makeover Specialist for Full Roof Restoration Service in Melbourne?

Ready to hire us for the best roof restoration in Melbourne or in surrounding areas like Werribee, Hoppers crossing, Sydenham, or somewhere else in Melbourne? just call us on 0481 812 124 or fill the details in the contact us page. Getting us at your doorstep is incredibly easy! Contact us and tell us a time when you are free to schedule our visit. Our expert will happily visit you and take care of your roof from thereon! So, feel free to contact us today and get the best roof restoration services in Melbourne and that is guaranteed.

Roof restoration services in northern suburbs of Melbourne –

Glenroy, Mill Park, Thomastown, Epping, Preston, Reservoir, Greensborough, Macleod, Gladstone Park, Watsonia, Keilor Downs, Broadmeadows, Campbellfield, Craigieburn, Greenvale, Meadow Heights, Kealba.

Roof restoration in western suburbs of Melbourne –

Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, St Albans, Sunshine Vic, Kings Park, Hillside, Sydenham, Wyndham Vale, Melton, Melton West, Melton South, Tarneit, Laverton North, Sunbury, Keilor, Deer Park, Altona, Altona North, Laverton, Derrimut, Sunshine North, Sunshine West, Taylors Lakes, Altona Meadows.


roof restoration specialists melbourne

Identify and replace any broken or out of position roof tiles
The first step in the Restoration process is to do a thorough Roof Inspection – this is to identify any loose or broken tiles, moss, lichen, water damage, condition of the flashing, valleys, ridge caps. This way we have a good understanding of your roof, prior to starting.
Pressure Clean full roof thoroughly . High pressure water blasting is required to remove moss, lichen and grime to ensure the roof is clear of dirt before painting. 3500-4000psi machine is used

Rebed Where Required Any ridge/hip caps that are in very poor condition – we will need to add a bedding layer before re pointing.Repoint all caps using Felxi-Point . Repoint all ridge caps, gables and hips using flexipoint and ensure it is smooth

Pressure Clean full roof thoroughly . High pressure water blasting is required to remove moss, lichen and grime to ensure the roof is clear of dirt before painting. 3500-4000psi machine is used
Apply 1 x Master Primer
Apply 1x Coat of Primer. This seals the roof and enhances adhesion of the top coat. Locking the concrete the roof sealer giving you a lasting finish, and without it the paint wont stick on your roof for very long
Apply 2 x Top Coat Paint
Apply 2 x Top Coat Paint. Do a final inspection and clean all Rubbish from site.