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Is your roof leaking? Are you searching for leaking roof repairs in Melbourne? Don’t worry, you are on the right page. Roof Makeover Specialist, a professional roof repairs company, provides emergency roof repairs in Melbourne at an affordable cost. Just like anything in your home, your roof needs to be regularly maintained in order to avoid leaks and costly repairs. If you’ve noticed roof tiles with cracks or some roof tiles seem out of place or even if you’ve experienced roof leaks, these are sure signs you need to act fast and hire roof repair specialists. Here at Roof Makeover Specialist, we’re experts when it comes to Melbourne’s roof tile repairs and restoration. We have a team of roof repairs experts who are always ready to work with you to investigate any issues with your tiled roof. Our roof repairing experts can investigate the cause of your leak and provide recommendations to avoid future damages. To repair your roof tiles, we use only the highest quality materials made for Melbourne’s inconsistent weather conditions.


Roof structures can be tricky. You may see a problem from the outside and think it is not a major issue. Roof damage often looks minor but in fact, can have a costly impact if left unattended. One missing roof tile can lead to a leaking roof. This then leads to water damage and moisture within the internal structure, leading to mould in the roof and down the walls. All this from one broken tile! Thus, hiring a professional roofing company for emergency roof repairs in Melbourne is necessary.

There are different major reasons why a roof would need roof repairing, the main ones though being strong winds and storms that cause the damage, which would then facilitate water infiltration that would increase the damages. If you noticed any damages to your roof, you should contact roof specialists immediately to fix it, making it easier and less costly to fix than if you ignore it for a while and allow the issue to become more serious.

WARNING – If you have a leaking roof and your roof has not been maintained your insurance company can decline your claim for pre-existing damage and not for maintaining your roof. By repairing and maintaining your roof, you are covering yourself for any future insurance claims.

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Roof Repairs Melbourne: Roof Makeover Specialist are your local experts!

Your roof is at the fore front of protection when it comes to your home. It is the main element that protects your internals from the harsh Melbourne weather. It is vital that you maintain and repair your roof in Melbourne regularly to avoid costly roof replacement and internal works due to leaks. All it takes for a leak to occur is 1 broken tile.

Roofs are made up of different parts and structures. These include ridge caps, tiles, valleys, flashing, gables etc. All of these need regular maintenance & repairs in order to avoid leaks. If you ignore one of these for too long, they can develop major leaks which in turn can be a very expensive to fix. Therefore, it is important to get your roof inspected every few years to ensure everything is in working condition.
There are many advantages to having your tiled roof repaired as soon as you spot a problem. A good tile repair job, such as the ones we offer at Roof Makeover Specialist, will ensure that your roof is watertight and ready for almost anything. This means fixing the existing leak you may be having or ensuring you don’t get a future leak.

Rebedding and Repointing: When was the last time you had your roof repointed? Can you see the ridges starting to crack or slip away? When it comes to the maintenance side of things, repointing your ridge caps is one of the most important process, you can do for your roof. We use a product called: Flexipoint which is a pre-mixed, pre-coloured, trowel applied, flexible pointing compound that is used to verge point the ridge caps of cement & terracotta roof tiles. This ensures the ridges are held in their position and wont cause water to get in.

Some of the common signs you can check for in your roof:

  • Can you see any broken tiles?
  • Are the ridge caps starting to crack or fall away from the roof?

  • Can you see tiles slipping from their original position?

Preventative maintenance from Roof Makeover Specialist will improve not only the functionality of your tiled roof, but also its lifetime. With durable products and expert services, we can guarantee you the upmost in longevity. This will bring you the benefits of:

  • Expert repairs, that blend in nicely with your roof’s colour and design

  • Strength and durability to protect you from the elements

  • Supportive service, with excellent leak diagnosis

  • Roof tile repairs from Melbourne’s leading roof tilers

Our roof repairs specialists in Melbourne have the knowledge and the equipment to provide a large variety of services, including roof re-pointing and re-bedding as part of our roof repair services.

We also offer FREE quote for roof repairs Melbourne that will let you know the cost upfront, without adding any charge or pressure for inquires.
For more information about our roof repair services Melbourne, please contact us on 04818 12124

Our specialists have the knowledge and the equipment to provide a large variety of services, including roof re-pointing and re-bedding as part of our roof repair services.

We also offer FREE quotes that will let you know the cost upfront, without adding any charge or pressure for inquires.
For more information about our roof repair services, please contact us on 04818 12124



FAQs for Roof Repairs Melbourne

Leaky roofs are very common in Melbourne, this can happen through broken tiles, fallen branches, tiles moved off their position, rusted valley, cracked bedding and a number of other reasons. Our main priority is to identify and fix the leak before it causes too much damage to your home.

What is roof pressure cleaning?

Using highly pressurised water, we remove dirt, moss, lichen and fungus from your roof without the use of chemicals.

What is roof re-bedding?

Bedding is a sand and cement mixture laid to secure the ridge capping in place. In time, the cement can crack or fall out, in which case re-bedding is required.

What is flexible roof pointing?

Flexible roof pointing is a rubberised compound applied on top of bedding. While giving your ridge caps a sharp, finished look, flexible pointing won’t crack like cement pointing, ensuring greater

What does Terracotta Roof Restoration Include?

A terracotta roof restoration includes: Replace all major broken tiles/ Pressure Cleaning/ Rebed where Required/ Repoint all caps with Flexipoint/ 1x Terracotta Glaze

We use RGL Adhesive roof paint, who are based locally in Melbourne

RGL Adhesives specialises in the formulation and manufacture of quality roof paint (roof resins) and roof pointing compounds. For over 10 years, we have been providing roofing professionals with quality roofing products they can trust. When protecting the part of your customers’ homes that is most exposed to the elements, why compromise? All our products offer long lasting protection, are fade resistant and quick drying.

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