Roof Restoration

A Full Roof Restoration will protect your roof – give your home an aesthetic facelift and they can have a significant positive impact on the valuation of your property.


Roof Painting

Are you planning to sell your home and want to increase the value of it? If you are not concerned with the repairs of the roof but rather just the aesthetics improved, we can also do this by Pressure cleaning and painting the roof – to bring it back to life


Valley Replacement

Is your Valley looking rusted and worn out? Old valleys is one of the main reason for roof leaks. We can replace your existing valley with a brand new one and also have to options to add storm seal to them.


Pressure Cleaning

We use professional high-pressure cleaning and chemicals to wash and remove stubborn dirt, moss algae and lichen. Sometimes all a roof needs is a good professional cleaning. This is also ideal for Terracotta roof tiles.


Roof Repair

Broken or chipped tiles causing leaks or noise? Our roof repair team will offer a roof inspection to identify the damage that needs repairing including tiles, flashing, valleys, ridges, pointing, capping & bedding


WhirlyBird Installation

Whirlybirds are cylindrical domes with fins that spin in the wind to create a vacuum, sucking up warm air in a roof cavity. They are cheap and easy to install, and for smaller houses or apartments they are a viable alternative to larger ventilation systems.