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Most people don’t want to spend their weekend climbing a ladder, putting themselves at a potentially dangerous situation just to clean out their gutters – that’s why we, Roof Makeover Specialist, a professional roof gutter cleaning company, are here to help with our experienced roof gutter cleaning specialists providing affordable roof gutter cleaning services in Melbourne.

Most homeowners know the importance of gutter cleaning, however, chooses to ignore this as it’s not something you see every day. This is not usually on top of your to-do list.

Regular gutter maintenance is a vital part of your housekeeping and can save you thousands in the long term if they are regularly maintained. Gutter blockages can cause leaks, blocked drains, rotten timber, rusted gutters, bacteria and Insect infestations and more. Thus, hiring a professional roof gutter cleaning specialist in Melbourne is very important.

Ladder falls are the most common injury in a household, and this can be avoided by hiring a professional roof gutter cleaning company in Melbourne like Roof Makeover Specialist. We offer an affordable, quick and thorough roof gutter cleaning process which will leave your gutters flowing properly and completely cleaned with our state-of-the-art commercial Gutter Vacuum System at an affordable price.

Our team of Melbourne’s professional gutter cleaning specialists are fully insured and qualified roofers who can also assist you in:

  • Do a Full Roof Inspection Free of charge and provide photos

  • Repair broken tiles (with spare tiles or by minor waterproofing method)

  • Removing nest that might be on the roof

  • Install Downpipe strainers, which can reduce downpipe blockages

  • Cut small tree branches that may be overhanging near the gutter

  • Roof Repair/ Roof Restoration


Roof Makeover Specialist are an Australian, family owned and operated business delivering honesty, integrity and commitment to every roof restoration, roof painting and roof repair jobs we do.


Roof Makeover Specialist are an Australian family owned and operated business delivering honesty, integrity and commitment to every gutter cleaning job we take on. We offer a fast, affordable and efficient gutter cleaning process to ensure your gutters are in tip top condition once we are done.

  • Single Storey:
    $250.00- $350*
    A standard single storey house with no gutter mesh/ guard. We offer one of the most competitive pricing in the industry for the premium service we provide.

  • Double Storey:
    A standard Double storey House with no gutter mesh/guard

  • Professional Team:
    We have a small but highly skilled team of Full-time roofers who are passionate, hardworking and committed to providing amazing service and results. We don’t hire jobs out to contractors!

  • Superior Gutter Vac:
    We use only the latest, state of the art Gutter Vacuum machines which will ensure your gutters are cleaned thoroughly with no mess left behind.

  • Fully Insured:
    All our team members come with a 10 Million Liability Insurance in case of any damages.

Best, Professional & Affordable Gutter Cleaning Services in Melbourne

  • Over 15 years’ of experience in the Roof Restoration and Gutter Cleaning Industry

  • Fully Insured

  • Housing Industry Association Member

  • WOMO Service Award Winner 2017 & 2018

  • Colorbond Roof Restoration

  • Tile Roof Restoration

  • Terracotta Roof Restoration

  • Cement Roof Restoration

  • Affordable Gutter Cleaning Services

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Yes, we come with a 10 Million Liability Insurance in case of any damages that may be caused.

Absolutely, we can email you a tax invoice once the job is completed.

Once the job is completed, you can either pay the roofer with cash or a cheque or alternatively you can also do a bank transfer.

Even with the gutter vacuum, leaves and debris can fall on the ground- we will ensure this is cleaned up prior to us leaving.

Absolutely, all our staff are full time roofers and can help you with roof repairs, roof restoration etc and can also provide a Free Roof Inspection. We in fact specialise in roof restoration works as part of Roof Makeover Specialist team.

In most cases No, as long as we have access to the roof,we can place a ladder and have clear access to the driveway – we are good to go. We don’t expect you to stay home for us, once the job is completed, we will send you before and after photos and will also provide a Free Roof Inspection report.

Depending on the size and condition of the roof, this can vary from house to house. A standard house can take up to an hour or more.

Prices can vary as there are few things to consider such as: single/double storey, gutter guards, pitch of the roof, access to the roof. We offer a very affordable price range, which in most cases are a lot more affordable than you might expect. We work out the price based on the above criteria and by inspecting your roof using satellite imagery we have in house.

Most obvious answer is to have a look at the gutter with a ladder, but if this is not possible there are plenty of tell signs you can watch out for such as, water dripping from top of the gutter, water leaking from where the timber section and ceiling meets, leaves and branches sticking out of the gutters etc.

We recommend all gutters be cleaned at least twice a year (possibly more if your house is surrounded with trees). This will ensure the gutters are well maintained throughout the year and can avoid blockages and bigger issues down the line.

We have a trained team of full-time roofers who have all the equipment necessary to clean your gutters. We will arrive with ladders, set this up, followed by a Roof inspection, then clean the gutters using our commercial grade gutter vacuum system and finally clean up any mess. Depending on the need of each house there maybe more work involved such as flushing downpipes, roof repair etc.

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